Setting Expectations with a Family Dentist

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Setting Expectations with a Family Dentist

A family dentist, sometimes also known as a general dentist, usually accepts patients of all ages from children to elderly individuals. You will find that such dentist makes dental care for everybody in the family easier, faster and cheaper, thus, ensuring that kids and adults will indeed have healthy teeth.

Like all healthcare professionals, nonetheless, a general dentist will work best with his patients if and when realistic expectations are set by both parties. Too high and you will be constantly unsatisfied with otherwise satisfactory dental work; too low and you will settle for second-best in dental services.

First, be educated about the services offered by your family dentist. In most clinics, these services include basic dental procedures like fillings, extractions and cleanings as well as teeth whitening, all of which are essential in keeping you teeth and gums as healthy as possible.

Second, be aware of the limitations in dental services provided. Keep in mind that a general dentist will likely be unable to perform specialty procedures requiring specialized tools, techniques and technologies such as dental implants, root canals, and periodontal treatments. Ask your dentist about referrals in these cases just to be on the safe side; you should be provided with referrals to specialists because it is a must for professional conduct among healthcare professionals.

Third, be able to discuss the procedures with your dentist before the actual work is performed. Keep in mind that you have the right and responsibility to ask questions about the dental procedures to be performed on your teeth – what these are, what the steps involved are, and what the side effects may be, among others. Ask away and require satisfactory answers, which will also ease your anxiety.

Indeed, your family dentist can only do so much for your dental health – you must also take an active part in it!

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