Restorative Dentistry to Restore your Misaligned and Damaged Tooth

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Restorative Dentistry to Restore your Misaligned and Damaged Tooth

As the name suggests, restorative dentistry involves restoring damaged and decayed teeth to restore the natural shape of teeth and give a good smile by shaping misaligned and damaged teeth. So if you have a misaligned, lost or decayed tooth, you can use the help of restorative dentistry to correct it.

Crowns are used to treat a problematic single tooth as it is constructed to restore the shape of your damaged tooth to its original shape. Similarly, a bridge is used to restore the original shape to more than one damaged teeth.

The crown or bridge is then constructed in a dental laboratory and permanently cemented onto your damaged tooth. As crowns and bridges are resistant to stains, you needn’t opt for teeth whitening later on in life. Removable or partial dentures help at completely replacing a tooth.

Choose the right and qualified dentist

This area of dentistry is very important, but also expensive. This is why it is important that you visit a famous dentist to diagnose your dental problem, and ensure you are adequately covered by a dental insurance or dental plan before opting for these services.

As teeth problems fall under various categories, it is better to have a qualified dentist or orthodontist perform restorative dentistry using the best technique and method for the dental problem.

If you have a damaged or misaligned tooth, you can seek an appointment with Dr. Rogers to learn about your restorative dentistry options as Dr. Rogers is an expert in this field of dentistry.

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