Pediatric Dentistry- Makes Dental Visits Less Traumatic For Children

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Pediatric Dentistry- Makes Dental Visits Less Traumatic For Children

Pediatric dentistry is a special field of dental medicine that specializes in dental health of infants through teenagers. These dentists know that a child’s dental needs and mouth structure are different from an adult’s. So though they have undergone the same training as traditional dentists, they also learn how to make a dentist’s visit less traumatic for children.

After four years of dental school, pediatric dentists have to spend two years in residency treating infants and children. As children find it difficult sitting still for dental work, and detest visiting the dentist, pediatric dentists learn how to reduce this fear by perhaps child-friendly decoration of the clinic, letting children see their equipment before the appointment and using soothing techniques to keep the child still.

Treatments offered by pediatric dentists

It is always better to have toddlers have their first dental appointment by the time they are two and a half years’ old, and earlier if the child has any dental problems. After this appointment, children should visit the dentist twice a year.

Pediatric dentists also give advice and counsel parents whose children use pacifiers or suck their thumb. They also treat dental injuries like chipped teeth, do fluoride treatment, treat cavities and other mouth infections and also give advice on nutrition. Most important, pediatric dentists teach children healthy dental care through correct brushing and flossing techniques and the right nutrition.

Though the internet and references are the best means of reaching a pediatric dentist for your child, Dr. Rogers is a dentist experienced in pediatric dentistry. Just call him at 918-451-9066 to fix an appointment.

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