Finding Dental Services before you Need Them

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Finding Dental Services before you Need Them

If you’re currently between dentists, it’s a good idea to find dental services before you need them. Otherwise, you may be at the mercy of the Yellow Pages or a referral from a co-worker’s, sister’s third cousin.

No doubt you want a trustworthy dentist; one who can provide dental services for you and your entire family. Otherwise, you’ll have to trek all over town to a Pediatric dentist for your kids, another who cares for seniors for your parents and a general dentist for you and your spouse.

Next, you’d likely prefer a dentist who is a provider in your dental insurance network. You’d probably wish for a dental office across the street from where you live, or at least in the vicinity.

When you think about putting your trust into a new dentist, you might prefer a root canal. Right?

What else can you think of?

How about the personal factor? Is a clean, comfortable and cheery office important to you? Do you want a gentle dentist who practices, “first do no harm”? Is sedation dentistry high on your list?

What about staff? Do you favor experienced professionals who make efforts to put you at ease? Would you appreciate office staff that is up front about monies you will owe after insurance pays?

Do most of these wants and needs sound like you? Would you believe we’ve just described Dr. Rogers, DDS who practices in Broken Bow, Oklahoma?

If you live in the vicinity, you owe it to yourself to make an appointment for a consultation. Visit his state-of-the-art dental office and meet his congenial staff of professionals. Talk to Dr. Rogers about dental services for you and your family.

Now, give your wise self a hug for finding a wonderful dentist before you need one.

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