Elite Crowns and Veneers


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Restore Your Smile with Elite Crowns and Veneers

At Arrow Springs Dental we can provide high-quality crowns and veneers that are customized to fit the shape of your tooth and match the natural colors of the teeth around them. We work with a trusted lab to provide the best quality and the most natural-looking products so you can feel confident with your smile. Elite restorations are the most vibrant and lifelike crowns and veneers in the industry. Our restorations are handcrafted by the highest level of technicians, using state-of-the-art technology and specifically tailored to fit and match each patient’s smile.

Elite ceramists carefully apply an unprecedented number of porcelains to each tooth, creating a subtle, translucent quality that allows light to reflect as it would off a natural tooth. The results are so lifelike it’s nearly impossible to tell they’re restorations.

These crowns and veneers can be used to strengthen teeth that have been damaged or otherwise weakened, or we might use them after root canal therapy. However, the most common use is to repair or cover chips, cracks, and dark spots to create a more beautiful smile.

You can get a crown or veneer that is extremely strong and fracture resistant that will last for years, and since we work with the most modern tools and materials, we can preserve most of the natural tooth in the process.

Whether you are looking for repair work or a purely cosmetic procedure, we can help. Set up your appointment today to get started.