Dealing with the Staff at the Dentist Office

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Dealing with the Staff at the Dentist Office

While the dentist is the main man, so to speak, that you visit in the dentist office, you will also interact with other professionals here. Think of the office receptionist who welcomes you to the clinic, of the dental hygienist who prepares your mouth for the dentist, and the dental technician who takes x-rays of your mouth, among others.

You should know the best ways to deal with the staff for several reasons – these are also your service providers, your dental health is at stake, and you will meet them many times over the course of your life, among others.

First, be friendly in your approach. Although you and the staff may have a primarily professional relationship, your friendly attitude will earn brownie points for your benefit. Your dental visits will be far more pleasant when you are on good terms with the staff.

Second, be on your professional behavior when asking questions, expressing your concerns, and discussing your issues, all of which should be related to your dental health. Keep in mind that you are dealing with professionals in the healthcare industry and, thus, their manner of dealing with patients will reflect their professionalism – return the favor.

Third, be prompt in your appointments. Keep in mind, too, that the dentist office can have a full calendar with each appointment just minutes away from each other, so to speak. Your arrival at least 10 minutes before your scheduled time will mean that the staff will be on schedule.

Fourth, call ahead if you will be unable to meet your appointment. This way, changes can be made to the clinic’s calendar including making changes to your own dental appointment, say, in the afternoon instead of the morning.

In the end, your ability to maintain friendly relations with the staff at your dentist office can mean the difference in your pleasant visits.


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