How to Celebrate Having the Best Cosmetic Dentist

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How to Celebrate Having the Best Cosmetic Dentist

There is only one way to celebrate having the best cosmetic dentist. Keep every appointment faithfully because others recognize what a treasure it is and it might take awhile to find an open spot for a makeup visit. Dr. McNeal, DDS, is well known in the Broken Arrow-Tulsa area for his skill and expertise. A graduate of the University Of Iowa College Of Dentistry in 1980, he moved to Tulsa a year later to take up his profession on the St. Francis Hospital Campus.

Take a look at the beautiful teeth that stars and high profile businesspeople and politicians flash. With few exceptions, those amazing smiles are courtesy of veneers from an excellent cosmetic dentist dedicated to improving the patient’s smile. Other techniques include teeth alignment, dentures, crowns, whitening and more.

Are you embarrassed by the metal fillings that filled the cavities from years ago? It’s no longer necessary to give half-hearted grins because of the fillings or missing teeth. Improve the health of your teeth, jaw and gums with natural-looking fillings and implants. You’ll be thrilled at the how you look and feel!

It seems strange to include children as candidates for cosmetic dentistry. A brief encounter with a baseball during Little League practice can damage permanent teeth so quickly. The advancements in restoration let the best cosmetic dentist rebuild the broken teeth so they look better than new! Dr. Rogers accepts children at his practice. The confident, friendly way he works with children, as well as all his patients, quiets their nervousness as he explains what will be done.

Come find out why you’re seeing bigger and brighter smiles more often in Tulsa. Most dental plans are accepted, such as Aetna and Delta Premier POS. The beautiful office is located at 3764 S. Elm Place in Broken Arrow. Schedule an appointment today by calling 918-451-9066.

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